CSA Standards and the looming deadline!


With the CSA Standards for ‘Lead Free’ brass and bronze coming into effect January 1, 2014, Fall will be the time to prepare and ensure your inventory meets the new standards.

This excerpt is from our March e-newsletter: 

During 2013 the plumbing, pipe, valve & fittings industry will be moving away from traditional leaded brass and bronze fittings and valves. Therefore as we get closer to 2014 you will notice that prices will increase accordingly on those affected products. Remember that this will be the entire North American industry and not just Near North Supply that is impacted by this regulatory change. In closing, keep in mind that this important change impacts everyone and their bottom line. The cost of brass and/or bronze goods used in potable water applications are expected to increase in the range of 30 – 40%.

Near North Supply has been pro-active towards ensuring your upcoming experience will be a smooth transition with ready access to a wide range of ‘No-Lead / Lead-free” brass & bronze products. We will continue to maintain ‘standard’ inventory for non-potable water applications such as gas valves & fittings. Slower moving items will be replaced with the lead-free version only.

For web portal registered users: Be sure to verify your online product pricing pages for the UPDATED flags when quoting jobs. 

Legally; builders, contractors, installers, resellers and wholesalers, all share in the responsibility to ensure the correct choice is made for every job. Every affected product will be identified as “lead-free” by stamp, tag or packaging.

Look to your monthly NNSI e-newsletter over the upcoming months for further updates.

Update: http://www.nearnorthsupply.com/images/specials/MMAH_Rule_Lead_Free_Brass.pdf