E-Commerce Updates

Effective Oct 1st. your new e-commerce site is now active, and we have “closed the store” for the old E-Business Vision site. The Dealer Portal home page has a link to the Site Overview PDF.

All existing e-commerce users have been imported into the new site with their default (original sign-up) email addresses and passwords. Passwords are case sensitive – use CAPS.

The ‘new’ site will have a similar look and feel but will contain many improved features that our active users have been asking for. The search engine has been greatly improved, results now show product images, SKUs, stock, MSRP and your net cost all on one interface. Order quantity can be edited from the same area.

On the accounting side; we’ve shortened the ‘checkout’ process and your invoices are now searchable by your own P.O. / REF #s as well as by previously purchased products.

We hope the new site meets and exceeds all your expectations. We also value your feedback; please let us know what you like most, least and if you catch any issues or glitches. E-Mail Tom DeVan

At this time not all planned features have been implemented, so more to come, stay tuned to your monthly e-newsletter and this page for updates!


Tom DeVan


5 thoughts on “E-Commerce Updates

  1. An additional feature has been installed on the ecommerce site, from a product’s extended description area, under the heading ‘Related Documents’ we now have PDF’s (usually product specifications) available to be viewed and/or printed off.

  2. Fixed: Customers can now orders products that have no stock or order more than what is available, thus creating a back order.

  3. Pending: A few of you have mentioned our search engine is still a bit shy of magnificent! It appears to be indexed on product title and extended descriptions but not on the product code / sku.
    So, where previously you were able to enter the first 3 or 4 characters of the SKU to produce results, now you will need to search by word or broader descriptions.
    We’re working on it!

  4. Our IT department is working overtime, coming through for us once again! For those of you who need to print your order confirmations, you can do so in the ‘checkout’ process by right clicking on the ‘Receipt’ (Order confirmation) page, select ‘print’ then your local printer and you’re done! Tom

  5. At only 3 weeks since our first major site update we see many of you have been ordering through your dealer portal quite regularly, we do hope you are enjoying the new interface & the many new features. If you haven’t yet logged in to the new site, why not take a peak now? In the meantime there is good news on progress with the search engine;
    Quick Tips:
    1) You can change the ‘Display’ of items to show 12, 24, or 48 at a time
    2) You can now search by product SKU / Code prefix again (!!!) The search field area will auto-fill as you type in what you need. (we’re still working on the central search one)
    3) While the ‘Quick Product Entry’ is technically not a search field, it can be used in the same way to quickly add items to your cart.

    We are continuing to work on improving the search to index on a wider range of product as well as providing alternate ‘Shipping Methods’ and ‘Payment Methods’ which now default to one choice only. Cheers! Tom

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